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Live Blackjack Fortune VIP - Evolution livecasino


Live Blackjack Fortune VIP is another creation of Evolution Gaming. This version of Blackjack lets you play in a live online casino. It is available to play at Aspers online Casino. This game allows multiple players to play simultaneously without having to wait. It includes multiple features.

Some facts about Blackjack:

  • There are approximately 140 countries in the world with casinos offering Blackjack.
  • The name is “21”. Blackjack was added as slang in 1920.
  • The objective is not to get 21 but to beat the dealer!
  • 20 is the second-best hand.
  • 16 is the worst hand followed by 15 as second worst hand
  • 11 is the third best hand.

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The bet amount is different on Live Blackjack Fortune VIP. To start your game, you can place a bet using the bet area found at the bottom of the table. On this game, blackjack pays 3:1 and insurance pay 2:1. The dealer will always draw the hand at 16 and stand on any 17. This game is played with 8 decks of standard 52 cards. The features are:

  • Betting Behind – if you didn’t get one of the seven seats, you can still choose to bet behind and take advantage to back one or more of the players at the table of Live Blackjack Fortune VIP. You will also get the opportunity to get a glance at who is winning. This will help you to make up your mind which hands and players to back. If you back a winning hand, you also win without participating at the table.
  • Side Bets -If you are a new player, this feature will be a good opportunity for you. The two side bets include: 
  • Perfect Pairs –The pay-out on Live Blackjack Fortune VIP depends on pairs’ combination. If the hand you are backing has a mixed pair (Matched Ranks only: 6 Spade – 6 Diamond, King Club -King Heart), coloured pair (Matched Colours: 7 Spade – 7 Clubs, Queen Heart – Queen Diamond) or perfect suited pair (Matched suits: 9 Spade – 9 Spade, Ace Heart – Ace Heart), you win depending on the difficulty of your pair.
  • 21+3 Bet – This feature is an additional bet on Live Blackjack Fortune VIP that is dealt when the player receives two face-up cards and the dealer displays only one of his/her two cards. You are given the chance to Hit, Stand, Split or Double Down a card. The goal is to beat the dealer by getting a card value which total is closest to 21.


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