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Live Blackjack White - Evolution livecasino


Live Blackjack White is another creation of Evolution Gaming and is playable on Aspers Casino Online. The basic Blackjack rules apply to Live Blackjack White. The difference between Live Blackjack and Live Blackjack White is the background and the stake values.

An alternative name for Blackjack is Twenty – One. It is one of the oldest games in Europe. In French, it was called Vingt- et- Un, Spanish – Trente – Un (31) and Italian Sette e Mezzo (Seven and a half). In the 18th century, 21 was one of the most famous. The games were dependent on skills rather than luck. If you had more skills, your winning potential was higher. Soon after, punters started following the blackjack rules where they would Hit to 16 and Stand on 17 or above. In California, only rich and well-known men were permitted to enter the gaming area and no women were allowed. However, over time, everyone could enjoy a good game of blackjack!

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To start playing on Live Blackjack White, you can take a virtual seat and try to gain a card closer to 21 against the dealer’s hand. This game is played with 8 decks of 52 standard cards. The features are:

Hit and Stand – The dealer must “Hit” when his/ her hand is 16 or less. That is the dealer should take an additional card. The dealer must Stand on all hands of 17 or more. If on the cards, the values exceed 21, the dealer loses the game round.

Doubling Down – If you feel that a third card will beat the dealer card, you can click on the double down button to double their main bet and receive just one more card.

Splitting Pairs –If your first two cards’ value is equal, you can choose to ‘Split’ them in 2 separate hands. No doubling is allowed at this stage on Live Blackjack White.

Insurance –You can choose to purchase insurance if you feel that the dealer will win. It is usually half the amount of your bet. The dealer then looks at his face-down card to check if he got any Ace + 10, Jack, Queen or King, the player wins twice the insurance bet. But if the dealer doesn’t have any blackjacks, you lose your insurance bet.


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