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Live Dragon Tiger - Evolution livecasino


Looking for a fast-paced game? Try Live Dragon Tiger at Aspers Casino Online! An innovation of Evolution Gaming, it is an original card game which you can enjoy in a live environment right from the comfort of your home. It is a Baccarat game played with a deck of 8 cards. The friendly live dealer and other players are waiting for you to join them at the table. On the table, you can see betting areas for Dragon, Tiger, Tie and Suited Tie. Get the highest card value to win!

Enjoy Live Dragon Tiger in a live studio which looks quite posh. In the background, you can see beautifully designed windows and curtains. On each side, you can find images of a tiger and dragon, respectively. Plus, make the most of the Chat feature to interact with the dealer during the game. Simply type in your message in the Chat box and press Enter to send it. This option is useful in case you have any questions about the game. Play Baccarat in style on Live Dragon Tiger!

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Start enjoying Live Dragon Tiger by selecting your preferred chip value in the Total Bet field. Play a fast-paced game, with only 25 seconds between the rounds! Place your selected chip on one of the betting areas on the table such as Dragon, Tiger, Tie Bet or Suited Tie Bet. When betting is closed, the dealer then draws 2 cards, each face up on the Dragon and Tiger positions. The higher card wins and the bets are settled.


On Live Dragon Tiger, the Dragon and Tiger bets pay even money. As for the Tie, it is an optional side bet placed on either of the 2 cards that are equal in value, irrespective of the suit. When a Tie occurs and you have placed a Tie bet, half of your Main Bet is returned and the payout is 11:1. The Suited Tie is also an optional bet placed on the Dragon and Tiger cards that are equal in both rank and suit. When a Suited Tie Bet is placed, half of your Main Bet is returned and a payout of 50:1 is awarded.

Apart from these betting options, Live Dragon Tiger also comes with a dynamic statistics board which displays the records and results of previous sessions. At the top of the screen, you can adjust the video quality from low to medium, high or HD. Audio settings are also available, allowing you to mute/unmute the dealer’s voice and background noise. Clicking on the Live Chat button allows you to hide the other players’ conversations. Enjoy this innovative variant of Baccarat on a PC, mobile or tablet!


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