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Live No Commission Baccarat - Evolution livecasino


Live No Commission Baccarat is a great online blackjack game developed by Evolution Gaming. This game can be played at Aspers Casino Online. The aim of No Commission Baccarat is to predict whether the player or banker will get a point close to 9. This Baccarat game is different from any other games – there is no commission taken on winning Bankers Bet. This online blackjack game at Aspers Casino is played with 8 decks of cards, which are reshuffled after each game. The background of the game is made up of red and black, a dark coloured table and a beautiful blonde dressed in red.

Baccarat is one of the oldest game. It was in the 1400s that it appeared in France then Italy. “Baccarat” means zero. It took almost 500 years to be one of the most popular games in Europe. Several versions of Baccarat are available to play. With time, three baccarat games became popular mainly baccarat chiming de far, baccarat banquet and Punto Banco. No commission Baccarat is widely practised in Macao.

How to play

On Live No Commission Baccarat, you will find a chip stacked on the right-hand side, below the table. Place your bet on the banker’s hand, player’s hand or/and Tie. The player and the banker are dealt with a two-card hand.

To win, get a value closer to nine. Usually in baccarat, if you decide to bet on the player and the player wins, you are paid 1:1 for winning. But, if you bet on the banker and the banker wins, you still get 1:1 minus 5% bank commission.

On Live No Commission Baccarat, you are paid 1:1 if you win. But if the banker wins with a total point of 6, you are paid only 0.5:1 that is half your original bet.

The cards values are as follows:

  • Ace = one point
  • Face Cards and tens = zero points
  • All other cards carry the point stated on the card. For example, if you get 8+ Jack = 8, Ace+ 7= 8 and if you get a total point more than 10, then you must subtract 10 from the total point.

In case of a tie, a third card is dealt for the player and the banker. The payouts are:

Banker (non – 8 hand) = 1:1

  • Banker (8 hand) = 1:2
  • Player = 1:1
  • Tie = 8:1 (When a tie is won, the amount you staked on the Player and Banker are returned)


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