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Live Auto-Roulette La Partage - Evolution livecasino


Be part of the game created by Evolution Gaming – Live Auto Roulette La Partage, available at Aspers Casino Online. This game is an automatic spinning wheel. It consists of the traditional roulette rules and La Partage Rule. Whether you’re a new player or not, you will enjoy this casino game. The background of the game overlooks the entrance of a casino.

Let’s discover some facts about roulette!

  • It is one of the oldest game created
  • Pascal Blaise wanted to create a perpetual motion machine but ended up creating a Roulette wheel
  • A common name for Roulette is “The Devil’s Name” because the total of the roulette numbers is 666
  • It’s the only game where you are not allowed to drink at the table of a land-based casino
  • Red or black, there is always a 50 / 50 chance besides zero
  • Roulette is inspired by “Roly Poly”

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To start your game on Live Auto Roulette La Partage, you can select a chip among the 7 chips given to you below the table. You have an undo button, repeat button and chat text box where you can interact with the dealer. But, where is the dealer? On Live Roulette La Partage, you won’t see a live dealer but you will still hear a female voice. She will be your guide throughout your game.

On the left side of your screen, you can monitor your total bets and your winnings, and on the right-hand side, you have access to the wheel history. You can analyse the previous wins of other players.

Once you have placed your bet, the betting time is closed and the wheel starts spinning. The cameras will focus only on the ball, you can monitor the ball closely to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

There are 3 special features on Live Auto Roulette La Partage:

  • Inside Bets – This refers to the area on the table itself where you are given the numbers 0 to 36 in black and red
  • Outside Bets – This is when you bet outside the table in other sectors
  • Two call bets – Neighbouring and Announced Bet

La Partage Rule

To understand La Partage Rule on Live Auto Roulette La Partage, you should know what is En Prison Rule. This rule is applied for even money bets. If you got a zero, you can either claim half your bet amount or Leave the Bet for the next spin (Be “En Prison” means In Prison)

La Partage rule is similar to En Prison. If you get a zero, you simply lose half of your bet amount. For each spin, your inside stake must exceed the minimum stake.


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