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Live Automatic Roulette 1 - NetEnt livecasino


How about playing a roulette game that features no dealers? You will say that’s a single-player roulette game. Not really. Live Automatic Roulette 1 – NetEnt is a live-streamed version of the popular roulette game. With its automated roulette wheel, there’s no need for a dealer to join the game and everything takes place in a fully optimised and modern studio. Head for the betting mat, set the bets and let the wheel do the talking!

Find all the necessary information, from the user interface to betting odds of roulette, by playing Live Automatic Roulette 1 by NetEnt. Want more information on the game? You will find it all on the following review at Aspers Casino Online. Feel free to give it a go!

How To Play

Play live Automatic Roulette 1 – NetEnt by registering for an account at the casino site. Click on the Join Now button to open the e-form that will allow you to register for accounts. Once you have your own, log in and load the game. Live Automatic Roulette is open to players of Gold Class and above only. It accepts only real money wagers. Try the game whenever you want at the casino site.

In-game, you may select the wagers of your choice at the bottom of the screen. The game allows you to set bets from 1 to 500. The selected chip value is highlighted, and you can click on the numbers of the betting mat to set the bets. Each section will display the maximum bet when hovered onto.


There are no symbols available on Live Automatic Roulette 1 – NetEnt. That’s because the game is a live casino game and does not use symbols to determine the outcome of each round. In case you want to try games with symbols, head onto the slot section.

There are various options on Live Automatic Roulette 1 – NetEnt that might ease your gameplay. For example, you can get the Undo button that will remove the last bets on the screen. The Re-Bet allows you to set the wagers of your previous rounds. The Double Bet option doubles the bet currently in-game. The Clear button will clear it all!

You can choose to go for Inside Bets on the game, just like in traditional Roulette. These comprise of Single Bets, Six Lines Bet, Corner Bets, Split Bets and Street Bets. As for outside bets, these come with Even and Odds Bets, Red Or Black Bets, Dozen Bets and Column Bets.

Just like classic roulette gameplay, the roulette wheel spins on Live Automatic Roulette 1 – NetEnt. This time, it turns without the help of a croupier. The ball is the one that determines the winning number.


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