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Live Blackjack Green - NetEnt livecasino


Blackjack is among the most popular card game in casinos. It comes with simple rules and is such an entertaining game that online casinos wish to offer variations of the 21-number game to their players as well. Why should Aspers Casino Online be different? But the site is offering just not any type of Blackjack games. Play Live Blackjack 1 – NetEnt on the device of your choice. Let’s check the details about the game and know more on the rules of playing this live-streamed casino game at Aspers Casino Online.

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Before you start playing Live Blackjack 1 – NetEnt, you need to log into your account at the casino site. Don’t have one yet? Click on the Join Now button to register for one. Once you have your own account, you can load the game and play. Live Casino Games can be played only with real wagers. So, you might need to deposit to play. On the screen, select the wagers of your choice. The bottom section of the screen displays a list of chip values, from 10 up to 500. Click on the values to select them.


There are no symbols on Live Blackjack 1 – NetEnt. That is because it is a live casino game, not a slot. If you want entertaining games that involve symbols, then head to the slot section of the site. Loads of titles are waiting for you.

Live Blackjack 1 NetEnt is quite easy to play. In-game, you need to set the bets of your choice. After the betting time is over, you will be dealt two face-up cards. The dealer is the last one to receive cards, whereby one is face up and one is face down. Each player gets the chance to play, starting with the right-most seated player. They can either Hit, Stand, Split or Double. Hit means you are dealt another card. Stand means you stand on the current hand. Split is allowed only if you have pairs. The hand is split into two. Another bet of the same value will be added on the second hand.

What are the scores that each card awards? Aces bring one or eleven points. From two to tens, the cards bring you the face value as scores. Kings, Queens and Jack award ten points each. You need to get a better score than the dealer to win at Live Blackjack 1 – NetEnt. But watch out! You cannot exceed 21 score. If you get an initial hand worth 21, it called a blackjack!


There’s a lot of entertaining games available at Aspers Casino Online. Want to play other live casino games? Try the likes of Live Immersive Roulette, a variation of the popular roulette game. You will meet dealers as they manage a roulette wheel. Live French Roulette is the traditional way of playing roulette while Live Speed Baccarat is playing the card game in its classic ways! Enjoy it all at the popular UK casino site.



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