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Live Blackjack PRO - Netent livecasino


Live Blackjack Pro game is no different from the one you would find in a land based Casino. Similarly, Aspers Casino Online is the right place to be to enjoy the game and feel like you are really playing in a land-based casino. Live Blackjack Pro is a creation of NetEnt. The game is presented in high-definition and you can choose different betting options. Have a great experience by checking the game out, and perhaps you will never want to settle for any other game afterwards.

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Live Blackjack Pro is a game where you play against a real dealer. The dealers will make sure you are ready for the game and while luck cannot be controlled, they will also make sure to keep you entertained throughout your session. Live Blackjack Pro has a minimum bet of 200.

The main aim of the game is to get a hand close to 21 without going over. Each player on the table will play against the dealer individually and must make sure not to go bust. There is also an additional option named the Insurance Bet. This option allows you to safely bet should the dealer’s face up card be an Ace. Note that before each deal, the cards are normally shuffled.

At the beginning of the game on Live Blackjack Pro, you will be dealt 2 face down cards. By playing against the dealer, the latter will also receive 2 cards but the difference is that he will only have one of his cards exposed. Reason being, you can bet subsequently. To keep your card selection, you need to make use of the button ‘Stand’. Should you want to receive another card, you can make use of the button ‘Hit’. There will also be another button, namely ‘Double’. This option allows you to double your initial bet after receiving the 2 cards. Thus, if you win, you will eventually collect double of your initial bet made. You will also notice another option namely ‘Splitting pairs’ on your screen. Should you use this option, you will be dealt two more cards (one for each new hand) and your bet will be doubled. 

On your screen, you will notice a Billboard on the right top hand side. The Billboard displays the value of the last 10 games hosted by the dealer. It also includes the bust percentage and blackjack percentage.

What makes Live Blackjack Pro interesting is that you may have different ways to win. If the 2 cards that were dealt at the beginning generate a blackjack, it is the best possible hand you can have. You may also win when you get a hand close to 21 in contrast to the dealer. Now given that the dealer busts and you have 21 or lower on the table, you are the winner. Certainly, there is also a time limit set in the game for each hand that is played. To be fair to gamers, if there is no play within this timeframe, the hands will automatically stand. You can lose your place at the table if 3 successive hands were not played.


Live Blackjack Pro is a game with high definitions. If you want to have a foretaste of other similar live casino games at Aspers Online, feel free to visit the site anytime. You can try games such as Live Roulette, Live auto roulette, live casino common draw blackjack low roller and many more. These games can be played on a Desktop, tablet or mobile. 

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