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Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller - Netent livecasino


Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller is an online video casino game developed by NetEnt. It can be played by multiple players at the same time. As soon as you load up the game, you will notice a live dealer who uses an automatic shuffling machine. The dealer sits in a high tech setting of a casino studio of NetEnt itself.

Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller is played with 6 decks of cards and the objective is to form a hand with a value which is similar to or closest to 21 than the dealer’s hand. At the start of each entertaining round, you will be invited by the dealer to place your bets. During that time, you will find a bet timer which will appear on the screen to specify how much time is left until wagering is closed. Make sure to select your desired bet on time! Ready for a realistic gaming happening?

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Get started on Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller by selecting your chip value before pressing on the round betting box. If you click further on this area, it will enhance your bet amount. The particularity of this live game is that each and every player plays concurrently from a common set of cards on the card stream. Usually, the dealer will deal himself/herself one card face up after the wagering time is closed and two cards into the card stream on Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller.

Depending on the value of the dealer’s card and in the card stream, you may decide how you want to continue with the hand as per the rules of the game. You can opt to Split, Double, or Hit and the next card dealt on the stream will be centred on these decisions. Pressing on Hit will give you an additional card while pressing on Double will double the value of your stake. The Split on Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller will let you separate two cards into two different hands.

Now if you select Stand, you may go bust while other players may still be completing their hands, or the cards will continue to be dealt. The game ends only when the dealer uncovers his other cards to complete his hand. Depending on the value of the dealer’s card or your cards on Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller, you will have additional options to take insurance, to take even money, or to split cards into separate hands.

Insurance Bet is usually taken when the dealer’s first card is an Ace. If you haven’t selected an option and the timer ends, your hand will automatically stand. There is also a chat feature available in the game. It enables you to communicate with other players at the same table and the dealer on Live Common Draw Blackjack High Roller!


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