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Live Rapid Auto Roulette livecasino


How about you engage in a few spins of roulette? With NetEnt’s Live Rapid Auto Roulette, you get to play the traditional roulette rules whenever you want. This variation of the casino game is streamed live from a studio. Connect to the game by entering NetEnt’s live casino lobby and enjoy the many features that it has.

Live Rapid Auto Roulette uses the latest technology available to bring you immersive gameplay. You can enjoy the classic rules of the French casino game at home while you connect to Aspers Casino Online. Are you ready to enjoy this game?

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To play Live Rapid Auto Roulette by NetEnt, you need to log into your account at Aspers Casino Online. Don’t have an account already? Feel free to register at the online casino site and start playing.

Start the round by placing the bets of your choice. When the status bar is green, you can place the bets of your choice. Select the chip values at the bottom of the grid and click on them to select. You may then click on the various numbers on the betting mat to lay your wagers.

There are various types of bets that you can place on Live Rapid Auto Roulette. These include Inside Bets and Outside Bets. Inside Bets cover the following:

Straight Up bets: Place the bet on a single number

Split Bets: Wager on a line between two numbers

Corner Bet: Wager at the corner where four numbers meet.

Street Bet: You place the bet at the end of any row of numbers

Line Bet: You place the bet at the end of 2 rows, on the intersection between 2 rows.

Outside Bets are as follows:

Dozen Bets: You wager on the boxes that separate the betting mat in dozens.

1-18/19-36: Bets are placed on these number boxes.

Red/Black – Wager on all red or black numbers.

Even/Odd – Place bets on either all even numbers or all odd numbers.


No symbol is available on Live Rapid Auto Roulette. That is because the game is an online casino game and does not feature symbols to determine wins. Check out the slots page for all the games that feature symbols during the gameplay.

Live Rapid Auto Roulette comes with the live chat option. If you feel like dropping a “Hi” to the other players connected to the lobby, then you can do so. The game is streamed in real-time and HD graphics!


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