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Live Blackjack Platinum - NetEnt livecasino


Live VIP Blackjack is a game of Blackjack that is developed by NetEnt. Do you know a bit about the history of Blackjack? The real origin of this game is unknown. Yet, many people believe that Blackjack was invented in French casinos around the 1700s when  French Ferme and Chemin de Fer was trending. Blackjack was inspired by those games. Back in 1931, in Nevada, Blackjack grew in admiration among casino gamers. Did you know that Nevada was the first state to legalise gambling?

Live VIP Blackjack – Netent is similar to the blackjack games found in land-based Casino. Along with a live dealer, the settings and background, these features will give you the feel of being in a casino.

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Want to play Live VIP Blackjack- Netent?All you must do is create an account at the casino site Click on the Join Now button to register. Log into your account and enjoy your game to play.

Live Dealer Games can be played with real funds only and available to funded accounts only. Deposit and play the game whenever you want. Plus, it is also playable on any device. Blackjack is simple and easy D During your gameplay, you are awarded a win when you get a higher card score than the dealer, without exceeding 21. How about to log in now to find out more about the game?


Unlike the slot games at Aspers Casino Online, there are no symbols on Live VIP Blackjack. You will encounter a dealer and Cards. Most cards carry scores., For instance, the Aces are worth eleven or one points. Two to tens are worth their face values. For Kings, Queens, and Jacks, they are all worth ten points.

 To begin your play, you need to wager at the beginning of the round. Then the dealer will start the round. He deals two cards to you, which are face up. If you win an overall number of 21 from the two initial cards, it is called a blackjack.

So, let’s sum up the game. The goal behind this blackjack is to get an amount higher than the dealer, without exceeding 21. Each card culminates to the overall score of the hand

Less than 21 can grant you an additional card if you hit your hand, of course you can hit anytime you want. Another good thing is that if you get pairs from the two original cards, you can split the hands into two. The second hand will take a bet value equivalent to the original hand.


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