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3 Wheel Roulette roulette

Introduction to 3 Wheel Roulette

A French philosopher, inventor, mathematician, and physicist known as Blaise Pascal, is the one who invented the Roulette game. It was back in the seventeenth century. Roulette is a French word meaning small wheel. Blaise Pascal was trying to create a machine that is in perpetual motion. And that could overcome the loss of energy as it rotates. While this idea was not successful, the little wheel became the foundation of the roulette game.

Today there are numerous types of Roulette played around the world. Some of them are European, French and American Roulette. This game consists of a Roulette wheel and a roulette table. On the roulette table, you can place your bets on single numbers, ranges of numbers, colours such as red or black, or by predicting if the number would be odd or even. After betting is closed, the roulette wheel is spun and a tiny ball will settle in one of the pockets of the roulette wheel. If you have made the right prediction where the ball will land, you win the game of roulette.

A European or French roulette wheel has 37 pockets including a single zero. Plus, they are the most common variation of roulette played around the world. On the other hand, American Roulette wheel has 38 pockets including a zero and a double zero. This variation is commonly played in the Caribbean, South America, Canada, and the U.S. The house has an advantage over the player on American Roulette, as the probability of winning are decreased with odds of 38/1.

How To Play 3 Wheel Roulette

3 Wheel Roulette is a European Roulette variation with just a single zero in its layout and it can be played at Aspers Casino Online. Despite having the name of 3 Wheel Roulette, you will find only a single wheel on this IGT's creation. The only difference while playing is that instead of finding only one spinning circle at the end of the wheel where the numbers are located, you will discover three separate rotating parts. Each of these moves at altered speed. This means that you are most likely to have three different results with each spin of this roulette wheel. The rules of 3 Wheel Roulette are exactly the same as European Roulette. But here, you will have three chances to win for each game.

Each bet on 3 Wheel Roulette will place three chips instead of one. This counts as one chip for each of the wheel. Chips values on 3 Wheel Roulette ranges from 0.10 to 100. If you choose to place a bet of 1 Chip, you will see that the bet is tripled to 3 Chips. Clicking on the Options button will let you choose the speed of the game, the graphics quality, enable advanced bet and voice. Clicking on the Expert History will show you the statistics for the last 300 numbers on previous games played.

Enabling the Advanced Bet will let you place a bet on different spots in just a single click. The special bet buttons are Red Split, Black Splits, Red Dragon, and Black Dragon. Apart from the table bets, you can also place Colour Up Bonus Bets containing combinations of numbers on all three wheels. These include Colour Match, Pair, Straight, Pair Zeros, Triplet, And Triplet Zeros.


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