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European Roulette Gold roulette


Roulette is one of the most popular casino games both in land-based institutes and online. MicroGaming System has developed yet another variant of roulette, known as European Roulette. Take a round or two by hopping over to Aspers Casino Online.

European Roulette game is made up of 37 numbers, from 0 to 36. All you have to do in this game is to guess where the ball will stop on the wheel after it has been spun. You can make frequent predictions with the wide variety of bets which are available on European Roulette. So, are you in to have some fun spinning action?

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Place your bet on European Roulette Gold by choosing your chip value. Once selected, place it on the area of the table where you wish to. The more you click, it will add more chips to the given bet. Chips values that are offered on European Roulette are 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100.

When you are done placing your bet, click on the Spin button for the ball to rotate on the roulette wheel. As soon as the ball stops on a number, any winning bets are paid. You will encounter a variety of bets in this variation of European Roulette. You will also come across features such as the inside and outside bets. They are as follows:

  • Inside bets consists of a Straight- which is a bet on a single number, a Split -a bet on two numbers next to each other, a Street- a bet on a row of three numbers, a Corner -a bet on four numbers, and a Six Line- bet on two rows of three numbers.


  • Outside bets entails of a Column- a bet on 12 numbers creating a column, a Dozen- a bet on four rows of three numbers, Red or Black- a bet on any red numbers or black numbers, the Even or Odd -a bet on 18 even numbers or 18 odd numbers, 1-18/19-36 -a bet on the first 18 or last 18 numbers.

The minimum stake cost for all the types of bets is 1 chip. The maximum stake amount for a straight bet is 500 chips, whereas the maximum bet amount for a corner, a split, six lines, a column, a street or a dozen bet is 1000 chips.

On top of that, the maximum bet value on the table is 2,000 chips. You can also set this chip amount on Red or Black, Even or Odd and 1-18/19-36 bets.

On European Roulette Gold, the classic European Roulette Wheel is used. That means you will encounter only one zero numbered pocket. At the start of every round, you need to wager on your preferred number.

The wheel spins in a clockwise direction when the roulette ball is thrown in. As soon as the roulette wheel loses speed, the roulette ball will flip and land on one of the numbered pockets. The number landed is the winning one!


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