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Realistic Roulette roulette


Welcome to Realistic Roulette, one of Realitic Games' latest Roulette creation! Yes, that’s right! Are you ready for a round or two of Realistic Roulette? Tune in at Aspers Casino Online!

Realistic Roulette proposes a 3D game of roulette made to feel real. You are offered a roulette wheel set along a traditional betting mat of roulette. If you're a fan of Roulette, why not take the wheel for a spin?

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Realistic Roulette offers customisable bet values. Just on the left side of the screen, you will notice a chip icon. Clicking the chip icon will expand a tab whereby different chip values are displayed. You can choose from 0.2, 1, 5, 25, 100 and 500. Feel free to select the one you deem convenient and click on the betting areas of the roulette mat to place your chips. You can click multiple times to stack your chips and increase your bets. Realistic Roulette offers traditional roulette bets;

  • Straight Up: Single Number Bets
  • Split Bets: Bet on two neighbouring numbers
  • Line Bet: Bet is placed on a vertical line
  • Corner Bets: Bet is placed in the middle of four number squares.
  • Red or Black: Bet is placed on all red numbers or black numbers
  • Odd or Even: Bet is placed on all even numbers or odds
  • Column Bets: You place a bet on a whole column
  • Dozen Bets: Bet is placed on 12-number intervals. 1-12, 12-24 or 24-36.


There are no Symbols available on Realistic Roulette.

Realistic Roulette follows the rules of a European Roulette. As such, you are offered only one zero. Before the game starts, you are given time to place your bets. As soon as you are done with your bets, feel free to click onto the Play button to start the round. The camera will shift towards the Roulette wheel where the roulette ball has been hurled in. After a while, the roulette ball will land on a number pocket. The number is then declared the winner and all bets that comprise of the winning number awards wins based on the pay table.

Realistic Roulette offers you the option to set the game into 2D modes as well. You can opt for Re-Bets, Doubles, Clear All and of course, the play button before the game starts. Awesome right? How about giving a try to this roulette game on your mobile, tablet or desktop device?


Be ready to encounter a variety of Casino games at Aspers Online Casino. In our collection, you will find different roulette games, all made by some of the leading-edge software developers. Looking for some recommendations? You can try European Roulette, French Roulette, Live Immersive Roulette, English Roulette and even Monopoly Roulette Tycoon! Click and set your wagers to play Realistic Roulette!

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