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ROULETTE: Classic Revived roulette


It is time for some classic gameplay! Enjoy the good old European Roulette gameplay with a twist with Roulette: Classic Revived. It is a fine variation of the popular table game created by mistake by Blaise Pascale. Feel free to set the bets of your preference and enjoy some rounds. Did you know that Roulette: Classic Revived is optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop devices as well? Ready to try on your mobile?

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To play Roulette: Classic Revived, you need to log in using the device of your choice. Then, load the game. You can select the bets of your choice by using the user-interface tab at the bottom of the screen. Click the left and right pointing arrow to change the values of the chips. Clicking on the chip and on the location you want to wager on will set the bet.

Go for the classic roulette bets such as straight bets, split bets, corner bets, column bets, dozen bets, even or odds, red or black and zero! For more information on the pay-out odds, click the table tag just next to the roulette wheel!

The betting option lets you select between 0.25 up to 1000.00 as stakes. If you click multiple times on the same region for bets, it will stack the chips and increase your total bets.

You are offered a range of useful options. These can be used to increase your user-experience on the rounds. Go for the Re-Bet Option to set the same wagers as the previous round. If you want to double the bets, click the Double Option. Did you mistakenly click a wager? Click the Undo Option to remove the last bet placed at stake. To clear all bets on the screen, the Clear all is useful!

Roulette: Classic Revived offers the classic roulette rules. When you finish betting, the game starts. The roulette wheel spins and a ball is hurled inside. It will turn in an anticlockwise direction and after a while, the ball ends in a numbered pocket. The Number is then declared the winner. If you wagered on the number, or on any fields of the betting mat that comprises of the number, it will award you a win. The wins are based on the type of bet you’ve set. For example, a straight bet awards 36:1. And Even or Odd bets 2:1.


There are no symbols on Roulette: Classic Revived game. That is because it is a roulette game and not a slot game.


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