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Roulette game is one of the most stimulating and common table games in nearly all casinos, across the world. Online Roulette created by IGT, is of no exception. It contains a wheel, a ball, and a table marked with different boxes, with a sequence of 37 numbers. The aim is to predict where the ball will land in the wheel. On the table, you will notice the pockets either black or red for number 1 to 36. Nevertheless, the number 0 is green and is found at the top of the table. This online game comes packed with great graphics and with the latest technology. You can be sure to have a unique gaming experience as you play. This fantastic online roulette can be played exclusively at UK’s top online casino - Aspers Casino Online, and is available on all devices.

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At the bottom of your screen, you will find the chips on which the stakes are displayed. To begin your game, you should simply select your desired amount from there. The chip denominations on Roulette are as follows: £1, £5, £25, £100, £500 and £1,000. These stakes can be selected to bet on several parts on the table. Once you have made up your mind, the bet will need to be placed on the preferred spot on the table, before pressing on the ‘Spin’ button.

There is also a ‘Rebet’ button available in the game. It can be used to place the same initial bet as in your previous round. If it happens that you want to clear all the bets you have put in, you can make use of the ‘Clear All Button’.

Standard bets are available on Roulette as well. They are Inside and Outside bets. For the Inside Bets, there are Straight, Split, Street, Corner and Six Line. As for the Outside Bets, there are Column, Dozens, Red or Black, Even or Odd, 19 to 36 or 1 to 18.

Straight Up bet is a stake on a single number. A Split bet is a stake set on the line, between any two adjacent numbers. A Street bet is set on the outer border of the betting area. A Corner bet is set at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines. Finally, the line bet is also placed on the outer border of the betting area. It includes six numbers.

Dozens bet is placed on either 1st, 2nd or 3rd set of successive twelve numbers. The Columns bet is placed in the box marked “2 to 1”. Red or Black bet is placed on their respective fields on the table. Even or Odd bet is also placed on their respective fields on the table. Finally, 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 bet is placed on their respective number on the table.


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