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Battle Mania scratchandarcade


The dark forces of the abyss have returned! This time, they are up to no good. Corrupting the forest with their vile energies, looting villages and gathering minions of all kinds, they are here to conquer the virtual world! Get on the tracks of the monsters that are challenging you on Battle Mania game and enjoy defeating them. Maybe you will manage to know who is behind all these corruptions! Play Battle Mania, the entertaining arcade game at Aspers Casino Online!

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To play the RPG style game named Battle Mania, you need to have an account at the casino site. Access it to play the game via mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Ready for some fun? Once you’re in the game, you are introduced to the various Teams. The Teams are a group of champions who joined hands to defeat the evil. And you will see a meter that displays their pay-out range.

Click on the Team that you want to play, and you will be brought to the battlefield. Set the bets of your choice at the bottom of the screen. The Bets tab allows you to access the various stakes that are playable on the game. The range covers a minimum of 0.50 up to 100.00. Done with the stakes? Clicks on the popping Battle symbol to start!


There are no symbols as such on Battle Mania Slot. But you get cards… mana cards! Each of these cards will allow your champions to fight. The cards are random and display a number on them. That will be the number of HP the champion will remove from the enemy. Each time you defeat an enemy, you get prizes. If a hero is defeated, they lose their prizes.

If you get a special ability card, then the special ability of the champion is triggered. Click on each of the champion cards to check out their powers and a brief description of their lore. You may get to face the boss if you get the Bonus Card. All minions will run away, and the dragon will appear. All champions will combat him according to the mana cards they receive. Defeating the dragon yields great prizes.

You can also trigger the Villain’s Wave if you get the Bonus Card in the Swamp. You get five waves of minions and you have 15 arrows to shoot and stop the waves. If all five enemies of the wave are defeated, you move to the next one until all are defeated. Then, you get a culminated prize.

Bonus cards during the Desert Island will trigger 5 Free Battles where all wins are doubled. If you get a Treasure card, an additional prize is received.


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