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Deal Or no Deal Slingo scratchandarcade


Does Deal or No Deal need an introduction? For those who don’t know, Deal or No Deal was a very popular game show. For decades now, it has entertained its audience and kept many on the edge of their seats. Playzido surely came up with slot variations of the game show. But this time, Slingo Originals offer you Deal or No Deal Slingo! And it is equally entertaining!

The game is a mixture of bingo and slot. So that means, you will have reels, symbols, numbers and bingo cards as well! Features also appear on this game which might give you the kind of fun you’re looking for. Want to try this at Aspers Casino Online? The following review will give you all the details that you need.

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Deal or No Deal Slingo is available only to Aspers Casino Online members. If you are not a member of the casino site yet, no worries! You can register for free by clicking the Join Now button. That way, you get to play this game and also the 700+ slot and casino games available on the site!

Load Deal or No Deal Slingo game and begin selecting the bets of your choice. You will come across a user-friendly interface at the bottom of the play area that allows you to set the values that you want as wagers. You get to pick from 1 to 100 per round. The paytable will feature payouts as you change the stakes. You can set it to the maximum to see the maximum payouts for each symbol and line. Click Start when you’re done with the stake.


You can land four symbols on Deal or No Deal Slingo. These symbols trigger a special modifier as you get them. Free Spins symbols give you a free spin on the round. Joker represents the Wild card. So, you can cross any number that you want. The Devil is the bad guy. He blocks the reels from showing additional numbers. The Super Joker instantly lets you reveal a box!

You receive 26 boxes, contrary to the popular rule of getting only 25 boxes. You will need to select one of them. This box is set aside, and the other boxes will turn into a 5x5 bingo grid.

You are granted 10 free spins per game and you need to land numbers so that they are removed from your bingo card. A number on the reel and your card is crossed. Then, the box overlaying reveals the prize and it is added to your payout.

To get a win line, you need to open five boxes in a row, column or diagonal. Then, the prize multiplier meter on the left is unlocked and tells you the multiplier that you can win!

When you get four lines, you trigger the Banker’s Offer Feature. It’s just like in the game, you are given an offer and you have to choose between Deal or No Deal. Accepting the offer ends the game and gives you the box. Or, you can reject the offer to end the round and claim your payouts.


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