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Monopoly Slingo scratchandarcade


Monopoly is one of the best board games ever! Devise strategies, buy land, charge your friends with rents and auction for the best or trap others in one. Monopoly is part of our childhood and continues to entertain us. Now, game providers are coming up with slot versions of the game. But today, you are offered the Slingo version of Monopoly. Say yes to Monopoly Slingo game at Aspers Casino Online.

The game will give you an instant feeling of the board game. That’s because the graphics and visuals of the game are inspired by Monopoly. The play area is a board itself, with the land entries surrounding the grid. Check out the following review for more details at Aspers Casino.

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Did you know that you can play Monopoly Slingo on any iOS or Android devices? Once you’ve chosen your device, log onto your Aspers Casino Online account and start playing. You can select the stakes of your choice once you are in-game. Select from a wide range of given values and play comfortably! As the game begins, you can use the buttons displayed on the left side of the screens where various values are displayed. You can come across examples like 0.50, 2.00, 7.50 up to 25.

There are no pay-lines on Slingo games. That is because the reels are just for displaying numbers. They do not grant winnings. The rules of this game are simple. You need to make your way around the board, collecting properties as you go. Once you land on a property, every property of the same colour is marked off on the Slingo grid in the centre of the board.


Various symbols come with modifiers. You can make use of these to give have additional bonuses on the game and complete lines.

Every time you pass Go, cash will be added to ‘free parking.’ If you’re lucky enough to land on free parking, you’ll get to collect the cash. Slingo Monopoly game features Chance and Community Chest cards. If you land on them you’ll be dealt a random card with either a reward or a penalty. You might be sent to another property or jail, or you could win a cash prize!

If you’re unlucky enough to end up in jail, you’ll have to roll a double to escape. If this doesn’t happen, you’ll be released on your third attempt. Extra rolls are available at the end of the game, and the price for the extra roll is shown on the button. To end the game, press ‘collect’ and gather any winnings.


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