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Rainbow Magic Pull Tab scratchandarcade


Back in the day, the Roman believed that rainbows were a magical path created by a Goddess to link us to the immortal world. Norse Gods believed rainbows were a burning bridge that could be used by those who are killed in battle. And in Irish folklore, it’s believed that the rainbow leads to the pot of gold. Discover further on Rainbow Magic Pull Tab. An instant win game, it is developed by Realistic Games.

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Rainbow Magic Pull Tab consists of four tabs. The goal of the game is to pull back a number of tables to reveal symbols. Symbols you will find on the grid are pots of gold, gems, harps, mushrooms, flowers and butterflies.

It is said in Irish folklore that at the end of every rainbow that there is a pot of gold. But that’s not it, all pots are guarded by a naughty leprechaun. Vikings once lived in Ireland, they took and hid all prized possessions that came their way so that they could bury it all over the countryside.

When they left Emerald Isle, the leprechauns found some of the loot they left behind. This behaviour gave leprechauns trust issues. They decided to take all their gold and bury it deep inside pots all over the ground on the island. Now when a rainbow appears, they always end at a spot where the pot is buried as per the Myth.

Rainbow Magic is a three-symbol instant win pull-tab game where prizes can be won per tab. The wild symbol of the game substitutes for all symbols and multiplies the winning lines by the number displayed.

Each symbol landing on the grid will award you a multiplier. The rewards are:

  • 3x Butterfly- x1
  • 3x Clover- x2
  • 3x Mushroom- x3
  • 3x Harp- x4
  • 3x Crystal- x5
  • 3x Pot Of Gold- x10

The maximum payout you can get per tab is your bet x490 and the maximum payout per game is your bet x1960.  Enjoy the graphics and features of this game at the online casino- Aspers Casino.


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