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Nowadays, a camera has become an important part of anyone’s life! Millions of pictures or selfies are taken daily, and almost every month, new camera devices are released. Plus, mobile phones as well come with the latest camera designs which are top-notch in terms of mega pixels. Inspired by this everyday essential gadget, Realistic Games created a new game, which is themed on the same. Snapshot Pull Tab Game is not like any slot game! This new type of game is made of 4 pull tab cards, and gives you 4 fair chances of winning, each time you place your stake. You can launch the game anytime at Aspers Casino Online, and you can let yourself be immersed into the camera-like backdrop!

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To begin Snapshot Pull Tab Game, you must first place your stake. Under the Settings Tab, you will quickly find the Bet Field. The stakes you can choose from on this tab vary from £0.10 to £20.00. Under the same settings, you will also find the Auto-Play Tab. By making use of this helpful tab, you can pre-select few games rounds, to be played automatedly. You can select from 10 to 100 game rounds, and you can apply customised settings as well.

On Snapshot Pull Tab Game, you won’t find any reels or paylines. Instead, the display of this game consists of 4 pull tabs. As soon as you place your bet, all the 4 pull tabs will light up. You simply have to pull the tabs from right to left. Once that is done, the three symbols hidden on the tabs, will be revealed. Otherwise, you can also click on the Auto-Reveal Tab, so that you don’t have to manually open the tabs, one by one.


The camera-related symbols you will see on Snapshot Pull Tab Game are Delete, Zoom, Camera, Ace, King and Wild. The highest paying symbol is the Flash. As for the wild symbol, this replaces any other symbols, to accordingly complete potential winning combinations.

On this pull tab game, you can respectively win 80x, 40x, 20x or 10x your total bet for winning combinations of 3 Flashes, 3 Deletes, 3 Zooms or 3 Cameras.  You can as well win 2x your bet when combinations of either 3 Kings or 3 Aces are seen on any of the tabs. Given that you have 4 chances of winning on each round that you play, you can win a maximum of £12,400 if the max bet is on!


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