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Cash Card - Progressive slots


Ladies and gents, brace yourself as you are about to explore Cash Card Progressive game by DaGaCube! This Scratch & Arcade title comes with simple rules and fun gameplay. What’s more? You could be fascinated by the Rotating Odds as soon as the game starts. Would you like to give it a try? Simply log into your account at Aspers Casino Online and open the creation through any desktop, tablet or mobile phone device. A fun-filled session awaits you.

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Once you start up Cash Card Progressive game, choose the colour of the deck that you would like to play with. Follow by using the plus or minus button to alter your preferred bet amount. You will also be given the option to rotate the odds. The objective is to predict if the next card will be higher, lower or of the same suit or number. Simply swipe the card up, down, left or right to make your stake.

During the game, you will play with a deck of 52 cards. On each wager, the remaining 51 cards are shuffled. Based on the previous stake, Royal Cards such as K, Q and J will animate. On Cash Card Progressive game, Ace is high and you cannot stake lower on a 2. While wagering as ‘Same Number’, Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13 and Ace = 14. It is good to note that the arrows will flash red for a loss and green for a win.

Cash Card Progressive game comes with an interesting feature. Throughout the gameplay, the win amount and stake are updated at the same time after the card is uncovered. Wondering about the Rotating Odd? When you start playing, you can rotate the odds to meet your swiping preference. While rotating the odds, the bet prediction and corresponding odds on the arrows around the cards switch. They move in a clockwise direction around the card. You must simply rotate until the predictions/odds sit in your desired positions.

Cash Card Progressive game has a progressive jackpot up its sleeves. If you accumulate 4 successive wins when you bet the same way, you could win the progressive jackpot. You will find a counter at the top right-hand side of the screen. It records how many times in a row you have bet the same way and won. Whenever you change your bet direction or lost, it will reset.

If you have bet the same way as the previous hand and lose, you can still have the chance to play for the progressive jackpot. All thanks to the Wild Card feature. This can be activated randomly when you lost a bet. Ready to give it a shot?

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