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Monster Meltdown 'Scatterways' slots

Monster Meltdown’ Scatterways’ is a slot game that will take you to a virtual laboratory, where a robot has shaped a variety of weird but cute creatures. Yet, this slot game has more exciting secrets hidden within its pipes, vats, and cogs.

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To play Monster Meltdown’ Scatterways’ Slot, you need to log into your account at Aspers Casino Online. Once in, select the bets of your choice starting as from 0.10. When you’re done with the bets, click on the spin button. Or, feel free to set the game on Autoplay to facilitate your gameplay.


On Monster Meltdown’ Scatterways’ Slot, you will encounter symbols such as a purple creature, a three-eyed pink guy with his tongue sticking out, a nervous green beast, panicky fire-creature, a drooling orange monster and snarling red devil. Are you ready to meet these babies? 

On Monster Meltdown’ Scatterways’ Slot, you will find the reels expanding. It increases the reel size from 5x3 up to 6x6, which makes more symbols in view, and boosts up the chances of activating free respins.   

The Symbol Switch feature sees any monster convert others into more of its own kind, apart from the Scatter symbol. Scatterways pays prizes when you land on five or more of the same monster shows. 

Watch out for the light blue creature with a visible brain, as it is the highest rewarding symbol. Adding in some fun, the friendly robot floats and removes its head from its shoulders when the pressure of looking after monsters gets too much. Yet, the robot is the one that unlocks the bonus features on Monster Meltdown’ Scatterways’ Slot. 

On Monster Meltdown’ Scatterways’ Slot, you will hear a loud siren sound and red alarm lights will flash. This will cause the robot to panic but no worries as this award you free spins! 

You will also find another lever to the left side of Monster Meltdown slots game. If the robot pulls it, a random monster symbol will show up in the radioactive vat. This creature infects up to 12 monsters on the reels, converting them into examples of its kind. 

This Symbol Switch feature is sure to result in a winning combination of at least five of a kind in view.

The reel may also expand, and Symbol Switch features of Monster Meltdown slot occur at once. When this happens, the highest-paying monster will show up in the vat to grant some great rewards if he infects enough of his fellow-creatures. 


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