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Sunset Reels slots


Light takes time to travel. So when we see the light from the sun, the light we see is actually about 8 minutes old. As the sun sets, you will see it progressively change colour as it slowly goes down, then it is finally left with a reddish colour. A final sunset seen closely will usually look like a fireball, though under the right conditions it may appear green. This is called a Green Flash. Although, most people think that pink, orange or blood red sunsets are the prettiest. On that note, Realistic Games has created a slot game based on this theme, Sunset Reels Slot. Once you open this game, you will notice the background featuring a pink-orange sunset over what appears to be the Grand Cayon. The reels are set on a display which shows you the canyon in the back, while the skies are painted in orange.

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You have to click on the Settings Field to be able to adjust your stake on Sunset Reels Slot. On this Field, you will see the Bet Tab. Find bet amounts which vary from £0.25 to a maximum of £100.00. To have your desired stake applied, you just need to press on it. However, all the paylines are always active on the game, and cannot, therefore, be changed.

On the same tab, you will also see the Auto-Play Tab. This lets you choose from 10 to 100 spins to be rolled automatically on Sunset Reels Slot. You can also add a specific amount so that the game is automatically stopped when that amount has been won or exceeded.


On Sunset Reels Slot, you will find mainly symbols which are available on classic slot games. These symbols are Double 7, Melons, Oranges, Blueberries, Double Bars, Cherries and Lemons. You can win a maximum of 160x your total bet when a combination of 3 Double 7 are seen anywhere on the reels.

When a combination of either 3 Melons or 3 Double Bars appears in any position on the reels of Sunset Reels Slot, you win 40x your total stake. You are awarded 8x your total bet when combinations of either 3 Oranges, 3 Cherries, 3 Blueberries or 3 Lemons appear in any position on the reels.

There is a full house bonus on Sunset Reels Slot. When the reels feature one common symbol, you are awarded double winnings.


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