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Have you ever played the classic game of Baccarat? Even if you have not, check out IGT’s online take on the game! IGT is one of the vanguard suppliers of gaming products within the online casino realm. Founded in 1990, its headquarters are found in London, England. It also has offices in Las Vegas and Reno in Nevada, Rome and Rhode Island. It has decades of experience and its expertise can be seen on most of its games. It is popular for different kinds of gaming products such as slots, table & card games or lotteries. It is also a leader when it comes to game technologies, services and platforms.  

IGT's Baccarat is based on the traditional table game of the same name. Baccarat is often considered as the perfect game for high rollers. Even if France is believed to be its country of origin, it was initially created by an Italian gambler known as Felix Falguiere during the middle ages.

The game which Falguiere devised was slightly different from the present-day version of Baccarat. For example, he originally played the game with tarot cards! Over the years, Baccarat came to be known as a game for high rollers, as depicted in the movie Casino Royale where it was played by the great James Bond during his missions. Today, there are many types of Baccarat games such as Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer, Baccarat Banque or Mini Baccarat. Plus, with the expansion of online casinos, Baccarat can now be played by even more people, right from the comforts of their home.

On IGT’s Baccarat, you are presented with a sophisticated green game table with different betting spots like Player, Banker and Tie. It also provides you with dynamic billboards and a panel at the bottom of the screen on which you can view the different options at your disposal. All in all, it has a classy design which reminds you of great land-based casinos such as those in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo! Launch this well-crafted table game on any type of display using a PC, tablet or mobile phone. You do not have to worry about some of its features not showing up!

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Time for the fun on Baccarat! No need to be James Bond to enjoy this game. Even if you are a beginner, simply select your preferred chip value and place it on one of the betting areas on the table like Player, Banker or Tie. Clicking on the same spot repeatedly increases your stake. Your objective on this game is to predict who has a card value that is closest to 9, that is the Player or Banker. For this, you need to score as close to 9 as possible.

As soon as you have placed your bet on Baccarat, click on the Deal button to start the game. The cards are dealt with you and the Banker. You must have noticed that the game is played with 52-card decks. When the Player and Banker have the same amount of points, it is called a Tie. You are also provided with options like Undo, Clear, Basket, Basket and Deal or New Game. Make use of these to personalise your gameplay! 


Baccarat is different from slot games as it does not consist of any symbols. Instead, there are cards with Aces being worth 1 point. The 2 to 9 cards are counted as per their numerical values. Tens and face cards such as Queens, Jacks or Kings are worth 0. Along with the Banker and Player bets, enjoy side bets on Tie hands, as well as Player/Banker Pairs. If the 2 original cards dealt on Banker or Player contain a Pair each and their outcome is 11:1, a side bet wins. All the pays you can trigger are displayed on the Paytable.

If the Player wins the hand on Baccarat, the Player bets pay double the amount of your original bet value, that is 2 for 1. If the Banker wins, the Banker bets reward you with double the amount of your original wager which is 2 for 1. If there is a Tie, the Tie bets pay 9 for 1, while the bets placed on Player or Banker are returned, that is a Push occurs.


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