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Black Jack Professional Series tablecard


Aspers Casino Online, gladly brings to you Blackjack Professional, a table game created by Netent. In terms of basics, this exceptional game is like any other Blackjack games, that you will find in any land based casinos.  What makes it outstanding, is the bonus Double Jack feature, which has been added to enhance your play.

Back in 1960s, when Blackjack became popular among gamers, not everyone knew how to play the game. It was about time when people started to understand it, and hopefully challenged the dealer.

Who said you cannot win big on Blackjack? According to history, many people have won $540,000, $710,000, $15 Million and much more. However, they were right to keep their wins a secret. With a table layout with 3D perspective, and chip animations, get ready for a unique experience.

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At the start of your session, you will see the green casino blackjack table, with several spots on the table to place your bet, a tray of chips and various deck of cards. To get started, select your bet which ranges from £1, £5 to £10, per hand. It can be chosen at the bottom right hand side of your screen.

You may also use the X chip to remove a bet, before clicking on the bets you wish to remove. Once you have made up your mind, you need to click and drag the bet, on your preferred place on the table. From there, you may click on the ‘Deal’ button, for the dealer to deal the cards.

Throughout your gameplay, you will be greeted with many options. You may personalise your play by muting Audio, Sound effects, Background music, and you may also set the Speed from 1 to 9. All these options can be adjusted through the game settings.

The purpose of Blackjack Professional, is no different to any blackjack game. You must beat the dealer, with a hand value of 21, or the nearest to it, without going over. In the event the dealer’s hand value exceeds 21, the latter will bust and you win the Blackjack.

Cards numbered 2 to 10, are worth their face values. As for the Kings, Queens and Jacks, they are worth 10. For the Aces, they are either worth 11 points or 1 point, whichever is more advantageous for you, depending on the play.

The ‘Hit’ button available, will grant you an extra card, if you are not happy with the cards that you hold into the game. You can click on it numerous times, before clicking on ‘Stand’ button. The ‘Double’ button, will double your bet upon clicking on.

When your first two cards, are of the same value, the ‘Split’ button will become available. You may split them into 2 separate hands. However, you will need to place a second wager of equal value.

Lastly, to win the special Double Jack bet, you must have two Jacks in your initial blackjack hand, or a Jack as the first card dealt. This feature offers you the chance to multiply your bet, and increase your winning potentials.


The dealer is waiting, hurry and show the latter what you are capable of.

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