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Blackjack - Realistic tablecard

Introduction to Blackjack by Realistic

One of the most popular online table games, Blackjack has basically improved over the years. Blackjack, developed by Realistic Games, is here at Aspers. Blackjack was created over 300 years ago. At that time, not everyone knew how to play the game. In French casinos, Blackjack was referred to as Vingt-et-Un. In Spain, there was another version called the ‘One and Thirty’ game. The aim of Blackjack was to attain 31 with three cards. However, the name ‘21’ was adopted in the casinos of Nevada and has been used until now. Get ready to play Blackjack at Aspers Casino Online.

How To Play Blackjack by Realistic 

To get started on Blackjack by Realistic, select your stake which ranges from 1.00 to 500.00 in value. You can pick it on the bottom left-hand side, by clicking on the preferred chip value. Once you have made up your mind, you need to click and drag the bet, on your desired spot on the table. From there, you may click on the ‘Deal’ button, to start the round.

The ‘Hit’ button at your disposal, will let you have an additional card if you are not satisfied with the cards that you hold into the game. You can click on it multiple times, before clicking on ‘Stand’ button. Once you have received your first two cards, by clicking on the ‘Double Down’ button, it will double your bet.

The ‘Rebet & Deal’ button, can be clicked on to place the same initial bet, as the previous round. The game will automatically start. The ‘Repeat Bet’ will put the same bet, however, the game will not start automatically.

During your session on Blackjack by Realistic, you may personalise your play, by making use of the ‘Preferences’ option. You may select the table colour from six given choices, the dealer’s voice from male or female, sound effects, music, the volume of the voice, automatic stand, in-game warnings, remove bust cards, always offer even money, always offer insurance and card display.

Blackjack by Realistic consists of several rules. After each round, cards are re-shuffled by the dealer. A hand can only be split once, and you obtain only one extra card for a split ace. During your gameplay, if your hand surpasses 21, you bust and lose your stake. If the same happens to the dealer, you win and will be paid 1:1.


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