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Classic Blackjack tablecard


Did you spare some rounds of Blackjack yet? Enjoy the likes of Classic Blackjack, a release by Microgaming Systems. Your casino experience will know new heights with this variation of the 21-number game. Connect to Aspers Casino Online and get started with this interesting table game via mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Curious on what you might come across on Classic Blackjack? Feel free to check out the following review for more details.

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To play Classic Blackjack, you need to have an account at the casino site. Already a member with Aspers Casino Online? Log into your account and load the game. At the start, you will be welcomed by the classic green table of card games. You will need to place a bet for the game to start. The game allows you to choose the chip value of your choice. Click on the Bet Options to access the various chips that are on offer. The minimum wagers start at 1. Whenever you have the value that you’re comfortable with, click on the middle circle to place the bet.


There are no symbols on Classic Blackjack. If you’re looking for games with symbols, enjoy the slot games at Aspers Casino Online.

Once you click on the middle area, the game starts. The dealer will deal two cards to yourself and himself. The dealer’s cards include one face up and one face down. As for you, both of them will be face-up cards. Based on the scores you’ve obtained; you get to proceed with the game.

You have the ability to increase your card score by Hit. There’s no limit on the number of times you can hit. If you think your score is good, you may Stand on the score. If you get pairs, you might want to split the hands into two. A split hand will get another wager of the same value on it as well. That means you will be playing with two hands instead of one.

The scores  for each card are as follows:

Aces: 11 or 1 points

Two to Ten: Face Value as points

Jacks, Queens, Kings: 10 points

The card scores are not affected by the suit that they’re in. To win at Blackjack, you need to have a score better than the dealer. Watch out… if you exceed 21, you lose. If you get an ace and a ten-value card as the two initial cards, you win blackjack. Did your dealer get an ace as the first face-up card? You can wager for an Insurance Bet. If the dealer actually emerges as blackjack, you will win back your wagers.


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