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Crazy4Poker tablecard


Are you ready for Crazy 4 Poker? Play the game on any mobile, tablet or desktop device. Get the chance to seize prizes if you manage to get the right hand! 

Scientific Games is behind the creation of Crazy4Poker! The game is a poker-style casino table, where players play against the dealer. The aim of this entertaining casino game is to get a higher five-card poker hand than the dealer. Sounds fun?  What are you waiting for? take a seat and feel the buzz with each shuffle of the card! 

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On Crazy 4 Poker, the objective of the game is to beat the dealer. How? Well... you need to have a hand of 4 cards including similar suits, card values, or cards in sequential order. 

On Crazy 4 Poker, players need to make an Ante bet and Super Bonus Wager, both equal values of their choice. The dealer will then deal all players 5 cards. Players will then assess their cards and decide whether they want to fold or raise their bets. 

The value which players can raise is reliant on the cards that they have. That is if the player has at least a pair of Aces, they will be able to raise a bet of 1x, 2x, or 3x. The Ante bet is done at the beginning of the round. If this does not happen, the player needs to raise an identical amount to their Ante bet, or just 1x. At the end of the round, players will remove one of their cards and the remaining 4 cards need to match against the dealer’s cards to know who has more valuable cards. The rankings of hands are as follows which are from highest value to lowest value:

  1. Four of a Kind
    2. Straight Flush
    3. Three of a Kind
    4. Flush
    5. Straight
    6. Two Pair
    7. Pair
    8. No Pairs

On Crazy 4 Poker, you will encounter the Super Bonus Wager. When you land on this wager the player gets a straight or higher. To get this, beating the dealer is not required. If the player land on less than a straight, his hand loses and the wager is lost. The payouts for certain hands in the Super Bonus Wager can be rewarding. The paytable is as follows; Straight: 1 to 1, Flush: 1.5 to 1, Three of a Kind: 2 to 1, Straight Flush: 15 to 1, Four of a Kind: 30 to 1, Four Aces: 200 to 1. Are you ready to play this table card game?


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