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Deal or No Deal Roulette tablecard


Roulette is one of the most popular casino games which is still played online and in land-based institutes to this day. Aspers Casino Online brings to you Deal or No Deal Roulette where you can have some good dosage of fun. Ready to give it a shot?

Designed by Endemol Shine Gaming, Deal or No Deal Roulette plays out just like a standard European roulette table. The aim is to predict where a ball will fall after being spun around the outside of a big wheel. It could halt in any of 37 pockets, numbered 1-36, with one additional pocket, numbered zero. Grab any device of your choice and have some great gambling experiences!

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To get started, you have the chance to make a number of bets on a large layout before each spin. All of these have something to do with predicting where the ball might stop. Expect to come across inside bets, in which a small group of numbers or a single number become the target. You will also find outside bets that may involve as many as 18 spots on the wheel at once.

On Deal or No Deal Roulette, the odds change based on exactly which wagers you decide to make. Normally, the lowest betting value at a table must be met by the total of all inside bets, or by each individual outside bet. Here are the stakes that you can select from:

  • 1-18/19-36: These cover all the numbers in the named ranges. (Even Money)
  • Odd/Even: These stakes pay out if an appropriate number is chosen; again, zero counts as neither odd nor even. (Even Money)
  • Red/Black: Half of the numbers on the wheel are connected with each of the two colours, red and black. You win if you guess the correct colour for the next spin. (Even Money)
  • Dozens: This enables you to win in any number in the given range (1-12, 13-24, or 25-36). (2-1)
  • Columns: Win this option if any number in the column of 12 hits on the next spin. (2-1)
  • Six-Line: This bet covers 6 numbers on 2 successive lines. (5-1)
  • Corner: This stake includes a “square” of 4 numbers. (8-1)
  • Street: This stake includes a row of 3 numbers. (11-1)
  • Split: This stake includes 2 neighbouring numbers on the layout. (17-1)
  • Straight: This is a stake on a single number. (Pays 35-1 Odds)

The Deal or No Deal Bonus is activated when the Box Symbol on the outer wheel lands with the Roulette ball. The stake for the bonus is taken from the size of the wager placed on the Bonus Bet area in the main game. You must then start by selecting a box by tapping your Lucky Box. Follow by selecting a box one by one to uncover the amount inside them. As each box is opened, the associated value will be removed from the red and blue paddles at the side of the screen.


How did you find Deal or No Deal Roulette? Aspers Casino Online has more roulette variations under its belt. Feel free to drop by to check out the following games: European Roulette, American Roulette, 3 Wheel Roulette, Monopoly Roulette Tycoon, Live Immersive Roulette and Live Blaze Roulette. Be ready for some good gaming time!

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