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Blackjack is a famous card game that requires no introduction. As much as it is popular in land-based casinos, it manages to thrill players of online casino websites as well. It has simple rules, easy to understand features and fun! If you’re ready to entertain yourself with blackjack, play Grand Blackjack on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. If you want more details of the game, check out the following review.

When you load the game, you will be welcomed by a virtual dealer that stands next to the table. Be prepared to engage in the fun-filled rounds of Grand Blackjack by Novomatic when you’re ready!

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To play Grand Blackjack, you need to log into your account at Aspers Casino Online. Don’t have an account yet? You may register for free and become a member! Load the game and start by selecting the wagers of your choice. Click on the left and right buttons at the bottom of the screen to adjust the wagers according to your preference. You may choose from 0.10 as chip values.

Whenever you’re done with the stakes, you can click on the middlebox to set the wagers for the game to start. Or, you can also set the Side Bet known as the Perfect Pairs Side Bet. Click on Deal for the round to commence!

Grand Blackjack is a simple and easy game. To begin, when the bets at replaced, you will receive two face-up cards. The dealer is the last one to get cards and he will receive one face up and one face down cards. Each player will get the chance to play, starting with the right-most player and ends with the dealer. Players get to Hit, Stand or Split. The Hit move will give you another card in an attempt to increase the score of the game. You can hit as much as you want. Are you fine with the bets? In this case, you can stand on your score.

Split the hands if you have pairs on the screen. You will need to set a wager equal to the amount of your initial hand on the split hand as well. If you get pairs of the same colour and wagered for the side bet, you will earn a special bonus reward.

Each card has different points on Grand Blackjack. You will need to get a better score than that of the dealer to win at Blackjack. But keep an eye out. If you exceed 21 points, you lose. Getting a ten-point card and an ace as the two initial cards is considered Blackjack.


There are no symbols available on Grand Blackjack. Check out the slot page for all the games that feature symbols in its gameplay.


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