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Hit Me! Baccarat tablecard


Baccarat is a special game, which is often related with the very famous fictional character, James Bond. The latter used to love this exclusive type of game, and was frequently seen playing in several of his movies! It is believed that this game was created in France, and was the favourite pastime of European aristocracies. During the years, it has travelled around the globe and has been mainly accepted by many!

Now you have a unique chance to play Hit Me! Baccarat at the one and only Aspers Casino Online. Developed by Eyecon, the game will surely win your heart. The graphics are outstanding and excellently presented into the game. Your session will start on an attractive blue casino table, on which the set of chips, pack of cards, table limits and several betting spots are displayed!

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Like on any other games available at Aspers Casino Online, you will similarly have to adjust your stake amount before getting started on Hit Me! Baccarat. The values that you will be able to choose from are £1, £2, £5, £10, or £25. You can simply press on the chip or press and drag the links on the designated spot on the table! You can make use of the ‘X’ marked chip if you want to choose another amount after having pressed on a chip. You will equally come across a ‘Clear All’ button. This can be used to remove the bets which have been made on the table!

An Autoplay Option is also at hand on Hit Me! Baccarat. If you are eating, cooking or busy multitasking, then this feature can be of great use. Autoplay is in the form of a Blue Arrow, and is positioned at the right-hand side of your screen. Once you click on it, you will be greeted with several game options where if selected, the games will play automatically. The good thing is that you can customise your play through its settings option!

Hit Me! Baccarat is usually a very simple game to enjoy. You just need to know the game rules. Once you have mastered them, you will not want to settle for any other card games! Each hand commences with 2 cards. A third card can be optionally dealt. The number of cards are identical, played with 6 decks of card. To win, you will require holding a hand with a value closest to 9. Aces on Hit Me! Baccarat count as 1, while Tens and Face cards count as 0. The other cards are totalled according to their face values!


If Hit Me! Baccarat has won your heart as it did to James Bond, take out your smartphone, desktop, or tablet, and hop over at Aspers Casino Online. There, you will find a huge collection of online card games, where you will be spoiled for choice. Some of the best ones are Blackjack, Mini-Baccarat, Blackjack Classic, Deuces Wild, and countless more!

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