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Lucky Falls tablecard


Have you ever made a wish in a well? Or even a fountain? It's a commonly known traditon in many parts of the world to throw a coin into a wishing well or fountain for a wish to come true. Although, how about throwing a coin into a waterfall? On that note, Aspers Online Casino brings you one of IGT's latest creations, Lucky Falls. This game has a different mechanic than most other games, though it still has the same aim. Featuring a flowing waterfall in the background lined with green pastures and a steep cliff, this slot awaits you at Aspers Online Casino.

Feng Shui often portrays water and waterfalls as an essence of life. These water bodies are closely associated with financial abundance as well for centuries. However, not only the Chinese formed fables around waterfalls. There are numerous other cultures from the early days of mankind who narrated stories of how water relates to riches and treasures.

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Select 7 coins to make a wish down the crashing cascade of Lucky Falls. These 7 coins will appear on the wooden board next to the waterfall. The values of the coin can be from £0.50 up to £10. The gameplay is quite simple and laid back. Drop the coin and it will tilt and roll towards the bottom of the waterfall. Notice that there are buckets with prize values on them. In the event 3 of your coins hit the same bucket, you are awarded the prize mentioned.

The dazzle is on the middle silver pot filled with gold and gems on Lucky Falls. If you successfully land 3 coins into that bucket, you trigger the bonus round. The bonus round of Lucky Falls is an instance behind the waterfall where thousands of riches and gold are stored. This round is known as the Instant Win Bonus Round. You are to select one gem amongst the three gems displayed on your screen and the value mentioned shall be credited to you.


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