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Did you know that there are 264 species of monkeys? These creatures are actually divided into two groups: old world monkeys from Africa and Asia, and new world monkeys from South America. Unknown to many, these monkeys have distinct features and do not look alike. At Aspers Casino Online, a cheeky monkey has taken over, and you can befriend him on Monkey Drop Instant Win Game. This game does not consist of any paylines or reels, and is instead played on a wooden plank. The backdrop of the game shows a lovely Chinese display, where other monkeys are having a rest on the tall buildings. The display also shows the paytable. If you want to chase the highest win, this game from IGT is the perfect one for you.

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To start this unique game, you can start by placing your bet amount. On the Ticket Cost Tab, you can select any of these stakes: £1.00, £2.00, £3.00, £5.00 or £10.00. The game is only playable once your bet has been placed. Each bet you place on this game awards you 7 drops, and each of these drops can be your gateway to winnings.


There are not symbols like slot games on this instant win game. Instead, you will see a monkey holding a ball with feet, flying above a wooden plank. This plank is made of smaller balls and at the bottom of the plank, there are different coloured tiles. It begins with red, blue, pink, centre tile, yellow, purple and green. Your aim is drop the seven balls one by one, so that they fall into any of these tiles. These green balls will collide with the smaller balls, before falling at the bottom of the wooden grid. If the balls fall into the same coloured tiles three times, you win a corresponding prize amount. The amounts you can win depends on your stake, but the top win is 150,000 coins.

On the displayed paytable, you will see the coloured tiles and next to each of them, there are banana symbols cut into three. Each time the ball falls into one of these coloured tiles, one part of the banana is highlighted. It is only when it is fully highlighted, that you are awarded the winnings.

If the ball falls into the centre tile, you are awarded a bonus round where the sleeping monkey will help you take the road to riches.


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