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Are you ready to try a new experience at Aspers Casino Online? Powered by Newlette, Newlette Classic is a mixture of roulette and entertainment. This innovative form of roulette offers top designs. You may expect to spend hours of getting entertained throughout your session. What you need to do is to choose your avatar and place your stake accordingly. So, be prepared to catch some wins.

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Upon the start of the game, you will be greeted with 3 rooms. Each one of them has a different minimum bet amount. They are High Roller Suite - £100, Player’s Lounge- £10 and Beginner’s room - £1. You can expect a maximum winning of £1000 for High Roller Suite, £100 for Player’s Lounge and £10 for Beginner’s Room.

After having selected your room, you will have to pick one of the seven avatars available. They are a yellow duck, red devil, purple alien, pink pig, brown lady, green crocodile and blue cat.

From there, you will be prompted to adjust your stake amount, to purchase a share of the Newlette Wheel. During your game, you will be playing against one to four computer challengers. Given that it is a single-blind betting round, you will not be able to see the numbers of challengers or the bet amount.

After having placed all the bets, the wheel will spin and a silver ball will stop in one of the colours in the wheel. In the event it stops on the chosen colour, you win the pot amount.

Newlette Classic comprises of a bonus round. If you win 5 rounds in a row, it will trigger the bonus round. Hence, you will be given one free spin to determine which prize you have won. One golden star is awarded after every win, to keep track of how near you are to activate the bonus round. Note that if you switch from one room to another, the stars are lost.

The automated challenger can bet up to 60% of the limit stake of the room. If you want to change your player icon, press on the Icon itself and you will be greeted with a collection of avatars. To make it easier, you may as well click on the Auto-Spin. This option will enable you to pick several games, which will then be played automatically. It can be turned off at any time during your gameplay.


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