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Have you ever wondered, where does Blackjack actually comes from; its origins? The precise origin of this game, is presently unknown. But many people believe that Blackjack, is perhaps originated in French casinos, around 1700. In French language, it was called Vingt-et-Un, which means twenty-one.

Why do people believe that it comes from France? Well, because by the 1700s, French Ferme and Chemin de Fer, were very much in trend at that time. There is a high probability, that Blackjack was inspired from those games. Nevertheless, it was back in 1931 in Nevada, that Blackjack gained in admiration among gamers. Also, Nevada is the first state to make gambling legal. Here at Aspers Casino Online, you will be able to play on Single Deck Blackjack, developed by PlaynGo.

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At the start of your session, you will see the red casino blackjack table, on which you are going to have a great time. On the table, you will find spots to place bets, table limits, stack of chips and cards. To commence your game, simply choose the bets which range from £1, £5, £10, £25 to £100. Once you have made up your mind, you need to click and drag the bet, on your desired spot on the table.

After a bet has been placed, you may click on the ‘Deal’ button, to start the round. In the event you wish to remove the bets placed on the table, you may click on the ‘Clear Bet’ button. On Single Deck Blackjack, you will be greeted with many options. Through the Setting button, you can personalise your play. You will have the Auto-start game round after Rebet, clear table on losing game rounds, Clear table on winning game rounds, Fast Card animation, Voices and Sound.

The aim in the game is to beat the dealer, with a hand value of 21, without going over. During your gameplay, if your hand surpasses 21, you bust and lose your stake. If the same happens to the dealer, you win and will be paid 1:1.

Cards numbered 2 to 10, are worth their face values. When it comes to the Kings, Queens and Jacks, they are worth 10. As for the Aces, they are special cards. They are either worth 11 points or 1 point, depending on the play.

Single Deck Blackjack consists of several rules. After each round, cards are re-shuffled by the dealer. A hand can only be split once, and you obtain only one extra card for a split ace. But a hand that totals 21 after splitting, will not be considered as blackjack.


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