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Vegas Single Deck Blackjack tablecard


Who’s up for some blackjack game? Developed by Microgaming, Vegas Single Deck Blackjack is available at Aspers Casino Online. The 21 game comes with a virtual player and it is the traditional blackjack game! For those who haven’t tried it, this game is simple and easy! Grab your tablet, IOS devices, and mobile phone and begin your gameplay! Below is the full game review of Vegas Single Deck Blackjack!

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To begin your gameplay, you need to have an account at Aspers Casino Online. Once you are done logging in, you need to choose your preferred bet amount. The bet values are £1, £2, £5, £10, £20, £25, £50, £100 and £200. When you are done, start your bet and begin your gameplay!


There are no specific symbols on Vegas Single Deck Blackjack, however, you’ll find the normal card games which will be distributed to you by the virtual dealer. The game is played against the dealer. Click on the deal button and the game will start. The dealer will be dealt with two cards to yourself and himself.

On Vegas Single Deck Blackjack, the dealer’s card consists of a card face up and the other is down. But for you, both your cards will be face up. You will land on different scores and based on that you’ll carry on with the game.

You can boost your card by a Hit. The Hit enables you to get more cards and more points. You can take as many cards as you want. If you think that the card scores are relevant, you ‘Stand’ on the score. However, if you get ‘’pairs’’ you need to Split the hands into two. The Split is simply wagering on the same value, in other words, you will be playing with two hands.

The scores for each card are different, for the Ace, the points are counted as 11 or 1 points. For the Kings, Queens, and Jacks, they are counted as 10 points and as for two to ten points, they have the same point value.

Now, how to win on Blackjack? Well if you exceed 21 points you lose the game and you need to score better than the dealer. Also, you win the game if you land on an ace and a ten-value card which is either King, Queen, Jack or a ten!

Now if your dealer lands on an ace as the first face-up card, you have the option of taking an Insurance Bet which is also a side bet! So, if the dealer gets a blackjack, you will win back your wagers. Sounds interesting? Well pop in at Aspers Casino Online and hit the game!


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